Comeback in Vienna
Comeback in Vienna
Comeback in Vienna

Comeback in Vienna

Project Type: Romantical Comedy
Partners: Oroloro Entertainment


Synopsis: Linda Kent, a fading Hollywood star, has traveled to Vienna, the home of her ancestors, to attend a film festival tribute to her career with hopes of reigniting interest. She arrives at her favorite hotel where she is greeted by her capable executive assistant, Shannon Augustine, by her old friend and hotel manager, Siegfried Moser, and her agent and lifelong friend, Bernice Rye.

Her days are filled with preparation and interviews, where we learn about Max Conrad, her ex- husband and ex-costar in 6 films, and his death a little over 7 years ago. Linda never recovered from their break-up and never found love again…. perhaps because, deep down, she never stopped loving Max.


Cast: TBD

Director: Marc Baron
Producer: Marc Baron, Viktor Perdula
Production Services:
Length: TBD
Year: TBD