Die Unbeugsamen

Project Type: TV Documentary / Production Services
Services Provided: Postproduction Services, VFX and title sequence
Client: Geyerhalter Film

Synsopsis: To achieve women’s rights and gender equality, these three pioneers were willing to risk their livelihood and their future, as well as their reputations.

Cast: Marie-Luise Stockinger, Anna Brüggemann, Katharina Haudum

Director: Beate Thalberg
DOP: Matthias Grunsky
Editor: Karin Hammer, Christoph Loidl, Marleen Paeschke
Producer: Markus Glaser, Wolfgang Widerhofer, Michael Kitzberger, Nikolaus Geyrhalter
NGF – Nikolaus Geyrhalter Filmproduktion GmbH
Year: 2019