Ellas Entscheidung
Ellas Entscheidung

Ellas Entscheidung

Project Type: Service Production / TV Drama
Services Provided: Unit Production Management, Location Services Austria, Logistics
Client: Realfilm Berlin GmbH

Synopsis: Ella and her husband Marcus want to have a baby, but Ella carries the Duchenne-Gene. They decide to do preimplantation genetic diagnosis with which her sister, Johanna – who has a son born with the desease – is not happy with.

Cast: Petra Schmidt-Schaller, Anna Schudt, Christian Erdmann, Thomas Huber, Joshua van Dalsum, Livia Walcher, Tina Engel, Gerhard Garbers,…

Director: Brigitte Bertele
Writer: Kristin Derfler
DoP: Hans Fromm
Producer: Heike Streich
Production Company: Realfilm Berlin
Broadcaster: ZDF
Year: 2015
Length: 90 min