Kreuz & Quer – Konklave
Kreuz & Quer – Konklave
Kreuz & Quer – Konklave

Kreuz & Quer – Konklave

Project Type: TV Documentary / Production Services
Services Provided: Production management and archive research
Client: Metafilm

Synopsis: The conclave, the ritual of the election of the pope, it appears to be a divine mystery game that does not seem to have changed since the beginnings of the catholic church 2000 years ago. But appearences can be deceptive.
The documentary embarks on a search for traces of the major turning points in a story full of power struggles and intrigue even cold-blooded murder – but also a story of divine inspiration and spirituality.

Cast: Paul Matic, …
Director: Michael Cencig (Metafilm)
DOP: Klemens Koscher
Editor: Nicola Stampfer
Producer: Michael Cencig (Metafilm)
Production services: Viktor Perdula, Melanie Stoff
Length: 52 min
Year: 2019

Datei:ORF logo.svg – Wikipedia

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KONKLAVE – Das letzte Geheimnis